Monday, August 9, 2010

After 11 Tools Reflections

I really enjoyed the I touch apps because its something I could do with my son. We had fun searching for free apps to load his I touch. I plan to use this with the students by reading off some of the apps and they can vote for ones they would like to have on the I touches in the classroom. About every nine weeks go back and check for new apps and make adjustments on the I touches.

I was hesitant at first becasue I know very little but now I have so many new tools to use with my students and I think they will be excited to learn them and share with friends and family.

I was very surprised at how much time it took out of my summer to complete this project. Maybe it was just me since I have very little knowledge about these kinds of technology tools. I felt very rushed here at the end to make sure it all got completed by the deadline.

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