Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tool #2

I think building an on line educational community and participating in a PLN is fabulous. You will be making connections with others, sharing and receiving ideas and information with others with similar interests.

A couple of points that stood out to me about commenting were to write meaningful comments and not to be afraid. I am a lurker of blogs. I love viewing and reading what others have shared but comment rarely. I can see how making a comment can promote conversations amongst others and get wheels turning. When I do comment it's usually short and sweet, so I will be working on this as I move through this process.

Here are the blogs I am following as of right now. I am sure this list will grow.

2nd Grade Blogger
Tales of a Fifth Grade Teacher
Mrs. Green's Blog Spot
11 Tools Training LJ
Teachin in Flip Flops

1 comment:

  1. Your site(s) look great. I'm on Tool #2, just learning to make comments. (Note: I didn't know you could have music on your blog! :)